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Old English Furniture & Cabinet Company
The Old English Academy of Fine Woodworking focus is teaching the proficiencies & skills essential to accomplish the construction of fine furniture & cabinetry.

The Old English Furniture & Cabinet Co specializes in classic mid eighteenth century furniture & finely detailed cabinetry.

In my decades on the bench I cannot count the number of times I have been asked by students & apprentices “What is the Secret to Woodworking?” I don't know that there is a secret, but if there were one, it would be sharp tools & how to use them. How many times have you seen a master craftsman work and wonder to yourself “How do they do this?” Well at some point in his or hers career they learned & mastered the basics.

We teach & concentrate on the fundamentals of woodworking.

  • How to sharpen your tools!
    Sharp tools cut where you want them to, dull tools cut where they want to.
  • How to commission your tools!
    Preparation of the tool to function at peak performance. Tools that are not setup properly are the bane of woodworking.
  • How to use your tools!
    Exercises that you practice to gain confidence & the necessary hand eye coordination to become so familiar with your tools so they become a natural extension of your hands.
    Once these fundamentals are understood & mastered all the other things fall into place. The goals of producing items that will become treasured heirlooms are now within your grasp.

So come join us, and learn the essential skills necessary to take your woodworking to the next level & enjoy the satisfaction of fine woodworking.

Michael J. Gray

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