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Old English Academy of Fine Woodworking

The Old English Academy of Fine Woodwooking provides the best curriculum, facilities, and knowledgeable instructors. We are dedicated to providing the student with a clear, concise, & understandable curriculum that can be put to immediate use.

We maintain a 4 to 1 ratio of student to teachers so that not only can attention be given to each and every student but also a substantial level of mentoring. This mentoring continues on beyond the original instruction.

Old English Academy
Our existence is due in large part to the request of the OEFCC clients to know how to do you build purpose built cabinets & furniture.

The establishment of OEAFW goes beyond this. Many years ago while living overseas I was very fortunate to make the acquaints of a wonderful old gentlemen who unbeknownst to me was a retired cabinetmaker. At the time I needed a part time job and the old gentlemen explained that although retired he still took on commissioned work and that if I was interested he could provide me with some additional income.

Little did I know on that day I had apprenticed myself to 5 th generation Master Cabinetmaker, not only was my friend a fantastic craftsman but a quintessential teacher.

So The Old English Academy of Fine Woodworking is the continuance of the knowledge that was passed on to me from my old friend.

Master Cabinetmaker: Michael J. Gray
Michael J. Gray Master Cabinetmaker ~ International Guild of Master Cabinetmaker / Apprentice to James Oakshott / Master Cabinetmaker London, England 1962 / Journeyman to Carl Haggstrom / Master Cabinetmaker Gothenburg, Sweden 1966 / Journeyman to Gert Wolfgang Holtz / Master Cabinetmaker, Leverkusen, Germany 1971 / Master of Old English Furniture & Cabinet Co Selmer, US 1973

Recommendation of Contemporaries & Students

  • “He's studied all over the world. He has old world skills and modern day skills and combines the two effectively” Cecil Cravens: Jackson Woodworkers' Training Institute Jackson, TN
  • “An Old School Master Craftsman” Floyd Carter: The Wood Workshop Inc- Bartlett , TN
  • “Not since the late Jim Kingsport has there been such an instructor. His command of the subject & years of experience in the workshop & the classroom are invaluable” John Bernard - East Sussex, England
  • “This is the next best thing to an apprenticeship with an Old World Master. You will learn exactly how to do the work, all the techniques, secrets, and method to do the job right.” Robert Johnson - Tacoma , Washington
  • “His conversation style of teaching along with a fantastic since of humor makes the learning experience a joy” Kerry & Margaret Gunderson Indianapolis , IN
  • “Mike explains the tools, techniques, & traditions of woodworking in a friendly open manner. He freely passes along the skills, insights, & secrets that were handed down to him from decades of work at the bench.” Montague. Williams- Montreal Quebec
  • “I can't wait to take your next class” Edward Priestly Lewiston, Montana
  • “A great teacher” David Goff – Memphis , TN
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